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Did you know that you can reload your ammunition for as little as one-third the cost of factory ammo? Whether you’re handloading for the ultimate accuracy in your benchrest rifle, or reloading your brass for significant savings, we have the presses, dies, components and accesories for you. All items are subject to availability, so please call for details.

PLEASE NOTE: For safety reasons we do NOT refund powder, components, or primers.

Currently we carry the following:

Just starting to reload? Dillon has excellent choices for progressive presses. The RL 550B loads 500-600 rounds per hour, perfect for the beginner. Gain automatic indexing, a 5-station toolhead, and 800-1,000 rd./hr. capability with the XL 650. Famous for quality, strength, and reliability, all presses come with Dillon’s famous “No B.S.” lifetime guarantee. The 550B and the XL 650 are the only two presses by Dillon we carry and are almost always in stock.

Dies: 3-die sets (sizing/depriming, bullet seating, and crimp or taper crimp) for pistol or rifle; single dies available. Standard 7/8 by 14 threads.

Accessories: Conversion kits, powder feeds, case feeders, etc.


The only company to offer a press for the massive .50 BMG – the AmmoMaster® – also offers presses for every other calibre as well. The RCBS Pro 2000TM, Turret, Rock Chucker®, Special-5TM, and PartnerTM are all excellent choices. Buy a PiggybackTM III conversion to turn your RCBS single-stage into a manual-indexing progressive, or a new die plate or turret head to convert your progressive press to a new calibre.

Dies & Accessories: We carry a wide supply of accesories such as comprehensive accessory kits, die sets, individual dies, bullet pullers, scales, powder measures, swagers, tumblers, and deburring tools – RCBS offers everything.

Standard 2-die and 3-die rifle sets; small-base 2-die rifle sets; 3- and 4-die pistol sets (standard or carbide).

Accessories: The most cost-effective reloading accessories are from Lyman: shell holders, manual and power trimmers, deburring tools, primer trays, pocket cleaners and reamers, electronic and manual scales, powder measures, tumblers, tumbling media, and more. Consider their AutoScale® all-in-one scale, trickler, and powder measure, which holds 19 distinct patent claims. Exceptional for large-grain extruded powders.

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