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 The lists of Bullets & Brass are current as of April 17th, 2024.  Pricing and quantities are subject to change. Please click on the links below to see what we currently have in stock.

Bullets Brass

Bullet Abbreviations

4LG: 4 Lube Groove

BB: Bevelled Base

BT: Boat Tail

DBB: Double Bevelled Base

DLG: Double Lube Groove

FB: Flat Base

FCP: Full Copper Plated

FMJ: Full Metal Jacket

FN: Flat Nose

FP: Flat Point

GC: Gas Check

HBWC: Hollow Base Wad Cutter

HP: Hollow Point

JHC: Jacketed Hollow Cavity

JHP: Jacketed Hollow Point

JSP: Jacketed Soft Point

LC: Long Colt

LFN: Lead Flat Nose

LHP: Lead Hollow Point

MC: Metal Cased

OTM: Open Tip Match

PP: Power Point

PSP: Pointed Soft Point

RB: Round Ball

RN: Round Nose

RNFP: Round Nose Flat Point

RNHP: Round Nose Hollow Point

SBT: Spitzer Boat Tail

SH: Shoulder

SLG: Single Lube Groove

SP: Soft Point

SPRP: Spire Point Round Point

SWC: Semi Wad Cutter

TC: Truncated Cone

TCHP: Truncated Cone Hollow Point

TLG: Triple Lube Groove

TMJ: Total Metal Jacket

WC: Wad Cutter

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